Environment and Clean Energy

As a former solar company executive, I know what it takes to preserve our environment while developing modern and efficient energy sources. Protecting the environment for our children should be be prioritized by both parties, and I will work everyday to make sure that happens.

Water quality and supply in California is paramount, particularly the need for increased water storage capacity. I will work to gain Federal support to achieve those essential goals.

I strongly support the increased implementation of solar, wind, hydro, and other forms of efficient, clean energy. Fuels that must be extracted and transported are naturally less competitive than fuel sources that are infinite in supply. As your Representative, I will work to move our energy infrastructure to the future instead of relying on inefficient and outdated sources of the past.

The elimination of government incentives and tax breaks across all energy generation technologies is fair. This will serve the double benefit of reducing the government deficit while letting market forces choose the mix of winning energy sources.