Higher Education

If America’s higher education system were a student, she’d be defaulting on her student loans at the taxpayers’ expense. The current system encourages out of control student borrowing, loan defaulting, institutional unaccountability, and burdens on the students and taxpayer.

The effects are dramatic, and often unsettling: While the number of Americans with a college degree is at an all-time high, so, too, is the number of Americans with college loan debt. Tuition prices continue to increase to exorbitant levels. Many students struggle to find jobs after graduation. Federal guidelines prevent millions of students from customizing their academic experience to prepare them for good jobs. These are all problems that continue to affect millions of families across the country, exacerbated by the same-old voices and tired ideas in Washington.

If elected, I will spearhead an innovative approach to alleviate many of these perpetual crises compounded by career politicians. I will introduce provisions designed to effectively stem tuition-increases, promote responsible borrowing, increase ability for students to customize their educational experience to secure good jobs after graduating, increase trade-schools to prepare students for steady employment, and provide relief for taxpayers who too-often foot the bill on defaulted loans. I will do everything I can to restore full value and faith in higher education.