K-12 Education

If California’s K-12 public education system were a student, she’d be in the principal’s office receiving notice of her failure to graduate. According to Education Week’s Quality Counts 2017 State Report Cards, California ranks an abysmal 41st in the nation and receives a D+ on school finance — marks which are unacceptable to the millions of kids who our education system continues to neglect. And by implementing ineffective Common Core standards, Politicians have simply failed to address problems facing parents, students, and teachers.

Every parent should have peace of mind knowing that their children will attend high quality schools that prepare them for higher education and good jobs. But for too long, our K-12 public education system has suffered from financial mismanagement, chronic underfunding, and burdensome Federal regulations that prevent teachers from teaching their students skills that are necessary for success in the 21st century.

I will lend my voice to the need to reform our property tax structure in a compassionate way that helps students in underfunded school districts receive the high quality education that they deserve.

In Congress, I will work to reign in Washington D.C. based standards and repeal Common Core because students perform best when teachers, not the Government, create high-quality lesson plans that are customized to their students’ needs. Students need to be taught critical life skills — everything from learning to fill out their taxes to doing their own laundry — that will help them thrive in the future. And, to benefit millions of young people and America, students should also learn that vocational training for good-paying jobs is a viable option post-high school.