Second Amendment

I will work to make sure that existing laws that prevent gun violence are strongly enforced to ensure that mass shootings never happen again. In addition, I support bipartisan solutions that will prevent future tragedies.

I strongly support the implementation of Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs), a commonsense, bipartisan policy that would have prevented multiple mass shootings and saved hundreds of lives. GVROs allow family members, school principals, employers, and concerned people close to an individual who is showing signs of committing a violent action with a firearm to petition a court to temporarily withhold the at-risk individual’s weapons. Implementation of this law would allow citizens to help make our communities safer. I also agree with a diverse set of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle that assault weapons should be banned.

I also support grants to schools to secure school premises to deny would be shooters access to the school grounds.

The rights of responsible law-abiding gun owners should also be respected. I will support effective solutions for ending gun violence that carefully target those who are likely to commit violent acts, not Americans safely exercising their 2nd Amendment Right.